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New products from recycled components.



One of the most important pillars within the circular economy is a high-quality level of reuse of products and raw materials.

First you try to reuse the products one-to-one. This can be achieved by reusing them within the organisation, or by using them elsewhere (reuse and redistribute). In both cases maintenance is often necessary. If it is not possible to reuse the products one-to-one, we will see if the parts can be reused or recycled.

 Below we will tell you more about the recycling of components.



Products that cannot be reused one-to-one are disassembled. We separate the components and recycle the raw materials. We turn these recycled materials into new products.

A good example is Felt. Just like the plastic parts of the top supports for our desks, the chairs are made of recycled plastic. And the nice thing is, the seat can also be recycled infinitely. If that is not a circular chair, we don’t know what is!


Another good example is the Wybelt. This beautiful stool is completely made from recycled materials. The stool consists for the most part of recycled plastic, we can also make versions with, for example, grass or paper.

For the production of the stool we use, among other things, discarded seats, shampoo bottles and empty bin bags. This plastic waste is then ground into small pieces so that it fits into the specially developed mould. By means of a rotation-casting process, Wybelt’s contours then become visible. After finishing, the stool is ready for use.

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